Monday, August 6, 2012

Sweet Grandmothers

This week is one full of those big events I wrote about before. Yesterday was Haley's birthday and the annual York family reunion. I look forward to it every year mostly because of how excited my dad gets to see his family! I don't have any living grandparents of my own so it is always very special to spend time with my grandmother's sisters. She was one of eleven - nine girls and two boys. Six of the sisters (and one sister-in-law) are still living - the youngest being 72 and the oldest being 94. I sure do hope my family got those genes! It's always bittersweet because it's a reminder that my grandmother isn't here anymore. At the same time some of her sisters remind me so much of her it's comforting at the same time! Here's a photo of "the girls"

A few of the first cousins present

Today is also a bittersweet day for me concerning grandmothers. Today is my Meme's birthday - she would have been 78 today.

This is a wedding photo that shows Meme's graduation photo in my bridal suite  - she's wearing the cameo I pinned to my bouquet as my "something old." Today I rejoice in the fact that Jesus came to die for our sins so that we may have ever lasting life! I can't wait to see my grandparents again one day! 

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