Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy news on a sad day

Today is officially the day I no longer "live" in Athens. Even though I got married two months ago and graduated from UGA almost three months ago I had yet to completely move out of our little green house. Today Haley's new roommate moves in, so all of my things had to be out this morning. Don't worry though, there's an empty bedroom with my name on it for spontaneous visits! Right, Haley? My heart will always be in Athens (the happiest place on Earth), but it also feels really good to get my things more organized. 

While in Athens I got to visit with my old mentor teacher, Mr. Oulevey. He took the other Social Studies teacher and me out to Loco's for lunch. I've spoken with him over the summer but this was the first time I'd seen him since before the wedding. Walking into Hilsman brought back so many wonderful memories - I truly had the best student teaching experience anyone could ever hope for. Y'all know I'm a sap so here it goes - Mr. O was the best thing that ever happened to me. He brought me out of my shell and helped me become a better teacher than I ever thought I could be. I decided not to teach this year since we are living in Dalton. I wanted to take some time to familiarize myself with the area, schools, and the kids. The best part is - all my best teacher friends have their own classrooms so I'll live vicariously through you all!

Mr. O gave me the best news I could have dreamed of today at lunch. He told me that this year he had the highest Social Studies CRCT scores he had ever had. This is saying a lot since he typically has the highest in the district and has been recognized by the state for his scores. As teachers we know that tests are not the end all be all of assessment, but it feels dang good to do so well! It's like a little pat on the back for all of our excruciating work. I'll sleep well tonight knowing my kids learned a little something from me. Speaking of, one of my girls just texted me. Let me go handle another middle school crisis! ;)

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  1. That's awesome that you did your student teaching at Hilsman. I think that was the middle school that my students from Fowler Drive went to . . . I taught fourth grade there in 2008-09. Athens is great, but I'm sure you'll love this new adventure too! Congratulations on all the great stuff going on for you.

    PS - Do you remember that time I made you ride with me to Jaemor Farms to get boiled peanuts? Fun day!