Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My love affair with Goodwill

I've come to find that everyone either has a love or hate relationship with Goodwill. 

Me? Definitely a love affair

I have always loved looking for a bargain - or what I call treasure hunting. I love antique stores, junk stores, yard sales, and thrift shops. There are definitely certain things I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, but those items are few and far between.

I became obsessed with Goodwill when I lived in Athens. My obsession hit its peak in the midst of wedding planning. I found the vast majority of my candlesticks and a lot of my milk glass by searching Goodwill. I still have to close my eyes and keep walking when I see a piece of milk glass... I'm still obsessed.

I was certain there would be a Goodwill in Dalton and I was excited to try it out! I was disappointed to learn that the closest one was in Chattanooga. I was beyond thrilled to find one when we moved to Cartersville, and there are several more nearby.

Here are some of my recent finds from our local Goodwill ~

Three small grapevine wreaths for $1.00 - Can you guess what they will become?

I'm obsessed with candle holders from BBW - $1.50 for this brand new one.

Now, I know that most people will draw the line at pillows and I can't say I disagree. This is the first time I've bought any so listen to my logic. There were four matching outdoor pillows in great shape. I can never justify buying them new because there are so many other things I want to buy! I brought these home, washed them twice on the heavy duty and hot cycle, dried them on high heat, and put them outside for decoration. Less than $8.00 for all four. I just love them!

These little shelves were $2.00 each. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but they are made with grooves to hold a plate. I think they would be a great place to house my beloved Georgia History UGA plate. 

This is definitely the most random item we've found. It's a sweet little hand made wooden plane for only $4.00. It's probably a little over a foot long so it's the perfect size. It was just too sweet not to bring home with us. Chris adores it! I'm sure you'll see it again in a special place in the future. It just needs a good clean and shine and it will be good as new!

Lastly, I found this candlestick last week. It's large, sturdy, and has a $30 Hobby Lobby sticker on the bottom. Not bad for $4.00. I placed a bottle of water next to it so you could tell its size.

What have you found lately?


  1. I adore that little toy plane! I kind of have my heart set on a vintage inspired airplane nursery for a future little boy!

    1. Whitney! Of course you do because I do too! The little planes are so precious!

  2. Whoa!! So many awesome finds!! And those porch pillows are totally awesome, and also totally exempt from the 'don't buy pillows secondhand' grossness because it's not like you're going to be laying your head on them for hours at a time (and neither did the people before you)...they're just awesome!!

    1. My sentiments exactly! As long as my head isn't touching them I'm game!

  3. Cari, I absolutely LOVE goodwill as well!!! I'm actually addicted to it! To be honest, most of my home décor came from there, or some other sort of thrift store/yard sale!! I swear by it! So I'm jealous of your finds!! The mini grapevine wreaths...LOVE.....will you be using those to make a snowman for Christmas!! The pillows...fantastic! Since they are for outside and you washed them I wouldn't worry a bit!!! Whenever I buy stuff like that or clothes, I always think if it is this nice the person who had it before me had to be decent otherwise it wouldn't be in this shape! I love the candlestick too!! Basically I love all of your finds!! Great deals!

    1. Yes I think they will make a perfect snowman! I need a winter wreath for post Christmas and I think a snowman will be perfect! And I'm right there with you on the home decor! I can tell you exactly where every single thing I have came from - mostly yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores - and TJ Maxx! I read once to "collect items you love so that your home is your story." That's exactly what I try to do!

  4. I love all of your finds, but I'm particularly fond of that little wooden plane. It is very sweet :)


  5. Oh my gosh, I love all of your finds! I'm going to love your blog! I can already tell!