Thursday, February 7, 2013

Operation Organization 2

I'm a big fan of glass containers. (I'm a big fan of anything glass, actually!) I have several different sizes and shapes around the house that I change around pretty frequently. Last post I showed one with Candy Hearts in it for Valentine's Day. I have another with ticket stubs and mementos we've collected since Chris and I started dating eight years ago. 

I love the idea of using glass in the bathroom but haven't seen anything that I really wanted to do, or had room to do right now. When I saw this on Pinterest, shocker, I knew I had to do it in our guest bathroom. I have so many travel sized items around the house that I can't part with but I don't know what to do with! So first I went on a hunt in every make-up bag, drawer, basket, and box to gather up all of them I could find. 

I was surprised at how many good things I found! Of course there was a ton of Bath and Body Works, some Aveda products, Clinique lotions and face washes, and Bulgari shampoo and conditioner from our Honeymoon. I put them all in this wide glass container with a lid and sat it on the counter in the guest bathroom. I really love how it looks! There really is everything you could ever need in there! Plus, I love knowing where they are if I ever need one.

The jar is a bit big for the small cabinet but eventually I would like it on a shelf on the wall. Knowing my clumsy self, I'll end up knocking if off the counter! Let's hope that doesn't happen!

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