Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our favorite season in our favorite house!

It's fall y'all!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are that it is officially here. However, I am still amazed that is October. When did that happen?

When we found our house we kept wishing time would pass quickly so that it would be fall. We couldn't wait to spend our favorite season in our first home.

Unfortunately, Chris will be working literally almost every day of October. I am so sad we won't get to do too many fun things but his days off will be packed full of our favorite traditions! 

We are especially excited for Halloween this year! I have always wanted trick or treaters and I think this year will finally be our year! Haley and I hoped we would have some in Athens but we never had  many. We live in a large, busy subdivision so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it's one of those people come to from all over town! We're stocking up on candy already!

Here are a few photos of our house decorated for fall. I'll update when we add in some Halloween decorations. Chris is especially excited about that! 

I hope you enjoyed our house as much as we do! 

Happy fall, y'all!


  1. love it all! your house is so cheery on the outside! love that hutch!

    1. Thanks! Decorating for the holidays is my favorite thing ever! I'm having so much fun!