Saturday, October 5, 2013

6 months!

No, don't be confused. No one is pregnant, there are no children to be six months old. I'm just obsessed with my kitten and treat her like she's my baby! According to Darla's adoption paperwork, she was born on March 31st so she's just turned six months old!

She was just a teensy little baby when we got her and I still don't know when or how she got so big! She was pretty sickly when we brought her home but once we wiped out those URI's she's been just fine! She's still really small for her age so we think she's just going to be a small cat. But she's full of spunk and personality!

Happy half birthday to our Darla girl!

There's no love like the love of an adopted pet! There are too many animals without homes that are being put to sleep every day. Go to your local shelter and save a life today! You'll be glad you did!