Monday, September 30, 2013

Twice the fun!

This post is a bit late but my cousin Amanda recently had her twin boys, Bennett and Brantlee. If you read the post about our new kitten, Augusta, you remember me mentioning my cousin that ran out on the interstate to save a chicken. That was her! She also was late to her maternity photos because she stopped to save a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest. The day the boys were born she was sent to the hospital after rescuing a kitten and falling. To say she's an animal lover is an understatement!

I am still amazed at how well she did carrying twins! She went full term and made it look so easy! She looked better than most women who are only carrying one baby! Her c-section was scheduled for Thursday, September 12th, but after the kitten incident they ended being delivered on Tuesday, September 10th. 

Brantlee Clay was born first and he was the bigger baby at a little over seven pounds. Wiley Bennett came second and was a little smaller at just under seven pounds. Bennett had a few little breathing issues so he ended up staying in the NICU for almost a week.

Here are a few pictures from before and after the boys were born!

When we went to visit the week before the boys were born

At the hospital - we were only able to see Brantlee

When we went back we were able to finally see the boys together!

Bennett and Brantlee

Me holding Brantlee

Mom feeding Bennett

Brantlee laying on Matt

Seriously, I could just eat them up! I haven't been home since these were taken so I haven't gotten to see them again. I can't wait to kiss those little faces!

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