Thursday, August 2, 2012

Living life in the in betweens.

This been another uneventful week... but that's when life happens isn't it? I typically think of life as all the big events - births, deaths, graduations, marriages, holidays, etc. As I'm finally starting to get used to my life A.C. (After College), I realize these "uneventful days" are actually what life is all about. All these in between days are when we realize who we really are and what makes life worth living. It's easy to be happy when those big things are happening, but not so easy when we live real life day in and day out. That has been a pretty sobering realization for me. Don't get me wrong, I count down the days until our next big event but I'm learning to be just as content living the normal days. This is a big change for me because it feels like all my life I've been working towards the next big thing: middle school, high school, dating, driving, graduation, college, major, engagement, marriage... now what? What's my next big thing? I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out. For now I'll settle for all of these uneventful days. My student teaching mentor teacher, Pierre Oulevey, once told me, "Everyone always tells you these are the best days - high school, college, and your twenties. From my experience they were all wrong because the days just keep getting better. Life gets sweeter with time, you'll see Cari." So, here's to you, Pierre! I hope I'm half the person that man is one day.

 I'm finally starting to settle into our home here in Dalton. I know that this is partially due to finally having all my things here. It is actually starting to feel like my home too, not just my husband's. However, just when I really get settled it's time for another trip home or to Athens. I'm heading home tomorrow for my cousin's wedding on Saturday, the York family reunion and my sister's birthday on Sunday, and my dad's birthday later in the week. See, there's those big events creeping up on me again.  I'll actually have some interesting things to post about in the coming days, but for now here's a little recap:

This looks like nasty potato salad, but it's actually delicious snickers salad! Get the original recipe here.

There are so many storms here in Dalton - here's an eery picture from last night.

Today we headed into Chattanooga to pick up a few things. I love being so close!

My new nook cover! I feel like I could take over the world with all these books at my fingertips!

Broke out my favorite pot today! Recipe to come later.

See, pretty uneventful right? Well, it was a pretty great week if I do say so myself!

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  1. Yeah, you better be coming home for my birthday, haha!