Saturday, October 1, 2016

30 before 30

I just found this draft while looking back through my blog. I am just over 26.5 years old. I'm not changing anything on the list, but I'm happy to see that I've already accomplished some of the things I wrote down in my draft! Only 3.5 years to go!

  1. Adopt a dog
  2. Foster a dog
  3. Send 10 hand written letters to important people in my life
  4. Create a home management binder for bills, receipts, etc
  5. Volunteer at an adoption event for a local animal shelter
  6. Build a table for my craft room
  7. Travel to a place I've never been with my husband.
  8. Sew something
  9. Teach Social Studies
  10. Start journaling
  11. Plan a surprise trip
  12. Refinish our dining room furniture
  13. Back up all my photos
  14. Buy a big comfy couch
  15. Have family photos taken
  16. Root, plant, (and keep alive) a hydrangea from my grandmother
  17. Create a usable living area in our loft
  18. Buy someone else's dinner in a restaurant 
  19. Size my grandmother's wedding band to wear
  20. Complete all the seasons of Parenthood
  21. Take a train trip with my train loving husband
  22. Hike 5 new trails in Georgia
  23. Take food to a friend with a new baby
  24. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  25. Become a mama
  26. Pull off a big surprise for my family
  27. Frame my family recipes
  28. Volunteer at a nearby school
  29. Read all of Dan Brown's novels
  30. Cook a pie from scratch

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