Saturday, November 2, 2013

One more Halloween down!

Here are a few photos of the Halloween decorations I added in with our fall decorations and some photos of Halloween night. We had TONS of trick or treaters in our neighborhood and I was in heaven! I have absolutely loved our first October in our first home. I'm sad that Chris had to work 6 days a week but we made it work and had fun anyway! I'm looking forward to the next month and especially to putting up Christmas decorations!

My in-laws came over today and just left a few minutes ago. We are finally able to breathe now that the GA/FL game is over and we were able to pull out a win! That was too close for comfort, y'all! We had a lovely Saturday and the weather has been perfect. Chris and I got up early, had a breakfast date, did a little shopping, and spent the day with his family. I'm soaking up the last few hours that Chris has off and looking forward to a comfy, cozy, lazy Sunday!

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