Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our late Anniversary Trip - Part 1

I was looking through all the pictures I took while we were in Jekyll Island and decided to split them up into two posts to shorten and risk duplicating. I'll post about the actual trip later when I include my photos from my camera. Until then, here are some pictures I took from my iPhone during the few days that we were there. Some have been instagrammed and some haven't so if you follow me sorry for the repeat!

If you've never been, I can't encourage you enough to go! Like most people I had been to St. Simons but never explored Jekyll Island until we were planning our wedding there. It might just be the History teacher in me, but I really do think it's one of the most beautiful and fascinating places I've been. I'll save the real history lesson for my next post!

I've saved these check-in cards every time. My favorite touch.

Headed to dinner at Latitude 31 on our first night
Had to stop for a photo in front of our reception lawn

My shrimp and grits - SO delicious

I sprained my ankle a week earlier and it was not pleased with all the walking

My favorite little gem - the hotel's cafe

A calm and leisurely breakfast at Solterra

Bacon and cheese croissant from Solterra - my absolute favorite!

Pool time

What would he do without wifi?

Pina Coladas by the pool

The best hot dog you will ever eat! 

And the best chicken salad croissant...

A quick shot in the hall of mirrors - so much history

Scary picture on the trolley before our ghost tour! So much fun!

Taking a tour of the historic district on the hottest day!

Perfect weather for our last day

Peach Daiquiri. Seriously the best thing ever.

The enormous ferns at the club!

As I was captioning these photos I realized just how many I included of our food... and how I kept wanting to caption everything, "the most delicious thing you'll ever taste." It's no wonder we love it so much! The food at our wedding was literally the best meal of my life. I've never had anything there that wasn't perfect. I'm trying my hardest to convince y'all to go visit. I promise you won't regret it. If this post didn't convince you I'll try harder on part 2!

Happy Hump Day - that's for you Torie!


  1. I want to go on a ghost tour sometime! Did you see anything spooky?

    1. Not really, but the whole thing was spooky enough itself! It started at 9 PM and we had pitstops in 300 year old ruins and cemeteries so that'll do it anyday!

  2. I want to eat that hot dog!
    Your little get away looks super fun!
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