Sunday, July 28, 2013

Come Sail Away

This month I participated in the Cara Box swap through the Wifessionals blog for the first time. It was just as great as I expected! This month's theme was a nautical one and it was just as puzzling as it was fun! Kaitlyn pairs you up with two other bloggers - one who sends a box to you and one to whom you send a box. My blogger partners were Whitney and Gentel. 

I was super excited when I learned that this month's theme was a nautical one. I'm a big fan of the beach and of all things nautical. This includes but is not limited to turtles, stripes, navy, beachy scents, beach music, etc. I wrote down some ideas but figured I'd have no problem finding plenty of things to choose from since I see SO many cute things all the time! Of course when you are trying to hunt things down they seem to disappear. I searched high and low and loved looking for nautical treasures! I'm always down for a treasure hunt, y'all!

I truly loved emailing back and forth with both girls and getting to know them! Making new blog friends is so exciting! Check Whitney's blog, The Married Me, out to see what I sent her in her Cara Box. And be sure to check out the pictures below of what Gentel sent to me. You can find her at Anchored to Love. Be their friend!

My fun bag from Gentel included:

~ A super cute anchor tote
~ A magnetic notepad - my husband was very excited about this
~ Chevron stationary
~ A notebook perfect for my extensive list making
~ Some super delicious taffy - I never told Gentel but my grandmother loved taffy so this was literally a super sweet surprise
~ An awesome nautical necklace
~ A lobster lollipop - red is my favorite!
~ A wind chime that I've already placed outside

Thanks, girls!


  1. So cute! I am waiting for mine still. She said it got sent back to her. :(
    Lessons With Coffee 

  2. Awww yay! So glad you loved everything!!! Taffy was our wedding favor, and so very New England and nautical-y that I had to include it :)

    1. The taffy was the perfect addition! We put it in our guest bags at our wedding - what was left that I didn't sneak and eat while putting them together :)

  3. Love your box! Everything in it is so cute, especially that lobster lolli! This was such a great themes; everyone's boxes are so awesome!