Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Happy Spring!

Today is the first official day of my spring break and I am loving it already! Today is an early release day for parent teacher conferences so I got to play hooky since I wasn't needed. I am so excited for spring break because there are some house projects I plan to get done during my time off. Unfortunately Chris is still working six days a week so he won't be able to help. Lucky for him, right? But no worries, my handy dandy Dad is always there to help! 

I'm going to do a "before" post of the house so you can see what it looked like before we moved anything in. I always like to see other people's before photos so I can see what they did with the space. The house is totally move in ready but there's a couple of small cosmetic things I want to do! Can't wait for you to see!

In the mean time, here are some of my easter decorations around the condo. I don't have much up since I'm packing a few things at a time - the first being all my holiday decorations. Can you believe Easter is here? Where has the time gone? Now, I'm just ready for spring to truly make her appearance! Any day now, girl...

I bought this wreath last year and have waited all year to use it!

My sweet Birthday flowers are perfect for Easter!

I LOVE Easter eggs

Sorry for the reflection on the frame - I love this print

I keep forgetting the chalk...
Sweet little bunnies!

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