Thursday, March 21, 2013

A long time coming!

I have wanted a house of my own as long as I can remember! I get it honest from my mom I guess. We love looking at houses and have always watched HGTV religiously. I can remember how much I loved decorating my Barbie houses. I was always drawing tiny pictures to hang on the wall and using fabric scraps to make teeny bedding and creating fantastic additions (at least I thought they were)! 

When we bought the house in Athens I was over the moon! It was so much fun getting to decorate it with my family. I loved living in the dorms and my apartment but there is just nothing like knowing the home is yours. You are more proud, more comfortable, and just more happy. The two years I lived with Hal in Athens were the best! I miss that house every single day. It was my first real "grown-up" home. Y'all know how much I hated to leave that house but I've been looking forward to this moment ever since.

Even though I've been waiting for this for what feels like a lifetime, throughout the process I was always worried that we were rushing! Chris and I talked it over a thousand times and I prayed for very specific signs from God. When we put in our offer on the house I prayed that if it was God's plan for our lives that our initial offer would be accepted. Looking back that seems crazy because it doesn't usually happen that way but it did! I still can't believe it! 

The process couldn't have been more simple - that's what made it such an easy transition. Y'all know I don't like change - even if it's something I want I always panic. I have had an overwhelming sense of peace throughout this entire process. Our initial offer was accepted, the seller paid for everything, our home inspection and appraisal were perfect, and we basically just turned in our documents and showed up at closing. I owe my sweet husband all the credit. It's only because of him that all of this was so perfect. He works so incredibly hard and has built such a wonderful nest for us already! I am constantly amazed by him! (Ok gush fest over) 

Here are a few photos from the past couple of months - I'll post some interior before photos soon!

Our first time seeing the house

We took this picture in the driveway to document "starting" to look at houses

"Just in case..."

Chris's text message when we got the great news!

First piece of furniture in the house

Mom and Dad came over after closing

First photo shoot!

The beautiful towel Hal gave me in our new kitchen!

Perfect end to a perfect day

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