Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Luke

My sister's best friend had her sweet baby boy in the wee hours of Wednesday, April 3rd. She's always been like a sister to me and a child to my mom so we three trekked down to welcome him into the world! We went down to Atlanta Monday night and stayed in a hotel near the hospital. We kind of jumped the gun but we were so excited we couldn't just stay home! That night was uneventful so we headed in on Tuesday morning in hopes that he would arrive soon. We stayed at the hospital all day and night and he finally came around 2:00AM Wednesday morning. Luke was born with a headful of hair and weighed in at 9lbs 2oz and was 22.5 inches long! Where his little mama was hiding him I don't know! Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Thank you, B, for letting us come and be a part of your day! It was so special to us!

Now that baby Luke is here I am counting down the days until the next baby is born! My cousin, Amanda, is expecting twin boys in September! And, my sweet friend, Jade, is having a little girl in August! I can't wait!

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