Saturday, October 6, 2012


I've already dedicated several blog posts to the various fall decorations around our humble little home. I'm more than excited about Halloween so I added a few things to the existing fall decor! As you already know I'm a Christmas fanatic so none of the other holidays get me quite as excited, but I think I'm still more excited than the average person! Chris on the other hand loves Halloween. I think maybe it's a boy thing? Who knows, but I'll take any excuse to go buy some holiday stuff! Most of this I already had from the past couple of years but I had forgotten about it! It was like Christmas going through all my things getting ready to decorate! The "trick or treat" sign, "boo to you" sign, and "Halloween" witch sign were bought at Hobby Lobby last year after Halloween. They were marked between $8-$10 each but I got all three for under $7. Pretty good, right? The plan was to hang them in my classroom but that will have to wait another year :) Enjoy some photos from our humble abode!

On the shelf

Hanging in the kitchen!

New fall tablecloth courtesy of TJ Maxx

Bought this wreath at a craft show in Myrtle Beach!

Out front!

Wedding lanterns turned Halloween!

Crazy looking witch

Spotted this perfect pumpkin along the road and had to have it!

The trick or treat bowl/Chris's candy bowl!

Are you as excited for Halloween as I am? Let's be honest, I'm mostly excited for ABC Family's "13 days til Halloween!" I'm itching to watch Hocus Pocus! Happy Haunting!

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  1. I somehow missed this post! I love the Boo to You sign and I'm so happy you got that wreath. It's boo-utiful!! (haha, yes I said that)