Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yep, you guessed it! Today marks four months since the wedding. Time is absolutely flying by! Can you believe we are in October already? Where has the time gone? I think I've posted my share of wedding photos so I'll spare you this time. However, I will direct you to the new pages I added to the top of the blog. If at any time you decide you'd like to look at our marvelous photos again just click on My favorite day and you can browse the photos whenever you'd like! I also added an "about me" tab of sorts for anyone that doesn't know me very well!

We received a sweet surprise to mark our four month "anniversary" today! Our fantastic cinematographers Artworks Wedding Cinema posted our "Engagement Film" on Facebook. Until I started shopping for a videographer I had never even seen or heard of an engagement film. It is basically the same thing as engagement photos but they capture you on film. When Artworks came to us about doing one for them we jumped on the chance! No one can resist the beauty of Jekyll Island! Chris and I are seriously awkward, ya'll but we had fun shooting the film! It shouldn't be much longer and we will have our much anticipated wedding film in our hands and I am so excited to see it. We struck gold with Artworks and highly recommend them! I hear they are booking faster than ever so jump on it!

Keep an eye our for our Wedding Film
Click below to watch our Engagement Film: 

PS, Although it's small, this is my fiftieth post! Hooray! I am enjoying blogging and hope anyone who is reading is too! Celebrate the small things, my friends! Until next time. :)

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