Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Words

There are no words that can express what we are all feeling today. Isn't it strange that as more years pass by, this day becomes more extra ordinary. Every year as I grow older, September 11th brings new meaning to my life. I grow older and I understand more about life and the world around me. With each passing season I learn more and may think differently about things. At the same time, it seems like the day is less significant as time passes by. It saddens me but I can't say it's totally unexpected. That happens with all things in history, doesn't it? That's why history is the most boring to students (and the reason I am so passionate about teaching it). Unless it has significant relevance to you, history is just the past. Who cares? The kids that are in schools today weren't old enough (or even born) to remember what happened that day. Heck, I was in sixth grade and it's a little blurry for me. Although I may not remember every last detail, I remember my emotion. Those emotions have only heightened since. I encourage you to use your memories in a positive way - use them as "teachable moments." We have so many opportunities in life for these moments that we let pass by. Keep remembering, keep talking, keep teaching

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