Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beachy Bliss

A week and a half? It really doesn't seem like it's been that long since I logged on! I think I've been MIA for the longest since I started blogging again a couple of months ago. We just got home a couple of hours ago from a week at the beach and it was wonderful. Y'all, let me tell you... September is the time to go! It was the best time I've had in a long time at the beach. We visited the same place in Myrtle Beach that my family has been going to for almost my whole life. We have always gone in June or July because of school, but since this was the first year no one had school we thought it'd be nice to try September. It was so calm and less crowded! We had wonderful weather minus the little bit of rain. It was plenty warm enough to hit the beach but not smothering like it is in the summer. The evenings were cool and perfect for riding the golf cart around the campground! Jasper loved his first trip to the beach and everyone had a great time! Enjoy my iPhone dump:

Jasper's first ride on the golf cart! He loved it!

He camped out on the couch all week = I sat on the floor a lot...


Night riders

There was a fire in one of the houses early in the week - so much excitement

Not so pretty but it felt so nice on the beach!

Hubby & me headed out to our favorite place!

Giant Crab - AKA "Big Crab" to the Watts family!

Crab legs! YUM!

We love our Big Crab tradition!

After turning in our golf cart - not enough room!

Such a cutie!

FYI - I LOVE scrabble! My family, not so much...

This is what a sun allergy looks like. Ouch. :(

Once I dig out my camera and upload my pictures I'll add some of Jasper's first time on the beach! Happy Sunday everyone! It's a beautiful night to watch the Emmy's!

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