Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jasper vs. the ocean

In case you haven't noticed, we are totally and completely obsessed with this dog! He is without a doubt the sweetest animal that has ever lived :) I do not believe in breeding or buying bred animals but I'm pretty thankful he was born because he makes our life so much happier! To whoever the irresponsible person was that bought him and lost him - your loss! If you think you want a specific breed then watch the shelters and check out Petfinder because I promise you can find an animal who desperately needs a loving home! There are too many homeless and suffering animals in this world to purposely breed more. Do your part! Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die. I'll save my soapbox for another time and let you enjoy some pictures of Jasper's first time (that we know of) on the beach: 

Loving walking on the sand

"I'm ready, y'all! Let me in!"

One of the hubby and me for good measure

Jasper's play toy

Waiting patiently for us to get our cameras and phones ready

Getting out a little energy first 

And they're off!


Not so sure about it...

Loving it!

I don't like this salt in my fur!

OR in my mouth! Yuck!

Not so sure how he feels about it?


Sweetest boy

Drying my fur - I think I'm done

Wolf prints in the sand

Happy boy

I think I like this beach thing

Alright people, let's ride!

Love love love this sweet boy!

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