Monday, July 2, 2012

Procrastination at its best

Why is it that every time I promise myself I will become a more disciplined blogger I fail? I seem to follow a certain pattern - I churn out one blog post and then don't return to the blogging world for several weeks. Granted I was so busy for a while there my eyes were permanently crossed... but I can't make excuses anymore. Now that I am officially graduated and officially married things have calmed down significantly. I am still living in limbo - somewhere in the middle of Dalton (where my husband lives), Clarkesville (where my parents live), and Athens (my home for the past two years). I didn't move a single thing before the wedding - I don't know who has time to do all that nonsense! Plus, it kind of feels like saving the best for last! I'm moving things slowly but surely, unpacking and playing as I go. I have lots of new things to blog about, and a ton of crafting ideas in the works so stay tuned for more interesting posts!

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