Monday, July 2, 2012


Here's what's sad... that after I posted my most recent post I had to go backwards and read all my previous posts in order to remember what I had already blogged about. That's what happens when you wait a thousand years in between posts. A couple of posts ago I posted some pictures of my then-fiance and myself that were our make-shift engagement pictures. After scheduling engagement pictures last fall and being canceled on ten minutes before our session, we let time slip up on us and never had pictures taken. Who needs em anyway, right? Well, after taking those pictures just for fun we decided why not have engagement pictures taken a month before the wedding? In twenty years will it really matter that we waited so long? Nope - and I am SO glad we did! I got in touch with a church friend and asked if she would take some pictures for us (very late notice due to my husband's crazy work schedule). We met her late one afternoon at the most beautiful location - an old "home place" north of Clarkesville near my parent's home. My dad and I have always loved this place and always joke that it would be our first purchase if we won the lottery - who cares if it's not for sale! We had a beautiful day, though very hot and muggy, and a beautiful time! The pictures turned out perfect and we love them! If you want someone super sweet, dependable, and so easy to be around, hit up Deven Stapleton!  

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