Sunday, May 13, 2012

Talk to ya later UGA!

I last wrote at the conclusion of my most hectic semester at UGA - student teaching in an eighth grade Georgia Studies classroom. I now write as an official graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Middle Grades Education. What? It's amazing how faithfully life goes on, even when time doesn't seem to be passing. As I sit here looking through graduation photos I am constantly reminded of my mother's most used phrase, "You'll miss this one day." Even when I was very young she warned me not to wish my life away. I am only now truly beginning to understand what she meant. Though I hate to admit it, she couldn't be more right. How can I already miss college? For me it is more of missing the familiarity of being a student than the tests, projects, papers, and anxiety. My identity has been completely intertwined with being a student for oh, what? Almost twenty years if we count pre-school. I guess it's okay to mourn the end of familiarity. At least for me, I've still got a good thirty or so years until I'm really done with school. Thanks, mom for instilling a love of education in me. There aren't many people who love school enough to go for the rest of their lives! And thanks for loving me through the tests, projects, papers, and anxiety. Happy Mother's Day!

A few pictures - more to come.

My sweet parents

Sanford filling up for the ceremony Friday night

A few photos of my sweet teacher friends - I could't have made it through middle school without them

We did it!

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