Sunday, March 2, 2014

An even better snow day!

I could have never imagined that we would have an even better snow day than the first! Everyone was much more prepared this time around and the snow was beautiful! It snowed about 5 inches the first day, followed by several hours of freezing rain, then we woke up the next day with about another 5 inches. We loved it! You'll notice the cutest puppy you've ever seen in these photos… this is Alice. More on her later :)

Gotta have muffins on a snow day!

Really coming down!

Tiny pup

It actually covered the roof this time! So pretty!

Waking up on day 2

Can you spot the tiny husky?

The ice causes a lot of headaches but it sure is beautiful!

Chris's snowman after the second round of snow

When the sun came out later in the morning it was beautiful!

Such a big kid

Chris and his helper

"This stuff tastes good!"

"Alright, I'm ready to go in!"

My little snow leopard, Darla

Gus checking out the sights

Snow days wear a girl out!

It worked!

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  1. Girl, I can eat muffins any days... rain, snow, or shine :P Looks like you all had a blast on your snow day! NC is getting snow again today!