Friday, January 24, 2014

Way back in December

I've been a bad photo taker lately and an even worse blogger! I have a hodge podge of random pictures from December so it's time for one last photo dump before I fully commit to welcoming 2014! You were a lovely month, December! I can't wait to greet you again this year!

Our Christmas meal at my parent's house

Sweet Darla girl snoozing underneath the Christmas tree

Added some new pillows and wall frames to our room
Chris putting up the garland! My absolute favorite!

My sister and Mama at The Rockettes

Me and Hal before the show

Me and Mama waiting for the show to start

Our seats were perfect! I can't wait to go back

Hubby giving me a heart attack decorating the house for Christmas

Lunch date with my favorite

The plumpest tree you ever did see

Loading up our tree!

Nothing better

Christmas card station
Our weekend in Gatlinburg with my husband's family

In the cabin

After Christmas dinner at our house

Last day in Gatlinburg

Lunch with the Birthday boy in town

Excuse the sleepy eyes

Mom's foster dog Angel & Jaspy

Christmas Eve

After Santa came to the Watts house

A little after Christmas shopping

Sending pictures of my "baby" to my Mom

Welcome 2014!

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