Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dad's Hall Tree

I've posted some of my dad's projects on here before and I have several on deck to be posted soon. My dad has been a busy little worker bee over the past few months! I swear everything he touches turns to gold and this is no exception.  

A couple of months ago he built this hall tree to donate to United Way for their annual fundraiser. He usually gives them a wooden chest but he found this idea on Pinterest and got to work! They sold raffle tickets and raffled it off last week. It's been in my parent's foyer for the past few months and we are really missing it now that it is gone!

He bought an old door and an old bed at Habitat for Humanity and fastened them together (I'm making that sound much easier than it was). The door didn't come with a knob so we found this one at a flea market and we love the character it added to the door. The seat is made from some old slats that came with the bed and my favorite part is the scalloped edge he added to it. He added extra finials and I love how it turned out! I would have loved to have it but I guess it's okay since it was for a good cause!

Isn't it the neatest thing? Just wait until you see what he gave me today...

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