Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gallery Wall

I am SO stinkin excited that we finally put up our gallery wall! It's been in the works for what seems like forever. I search Pinterest for ideas all the time but couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure if I wanted something symmetrical or not, one or multiple colors, one or more shapes, etc. There are so many different ways you can build one! That's what is so great about it - no two are exactly the same.

When we first walked into our house, I knew immediately that this little wall would be where my church pew and gallery wall would be. My church pew was a sweet surprise from my Dad after months and months of searching for the perfect one. I knew all along that there were certain items that I wanted on my gallery wall so I just had to fill in the spaces around them. I decided on different shapes, sizes, colors, and items. 

All I did was lay everything out on our living room rug and move and move and move some more until I was satisfied. I took a picture with my phone just in case but I didn't even need it. I started with the big blue frame in the middle and worked from the inside out. I'm shocked that it turned out as good as it did without a real plan! 

And now, for the reveal! Drumroll, please.....

Excuse any crooked frames - I'm working on securing them since they are near 3 doors
The perfect addition to my church pew

My absolute favorite piece of furniture! Thank you Mary & Taylor for the perfect pillow!

Some close-ups of my favorite pieces

The gold frame was a yard sale find
The print in the white frame reads, "Everybody wants to be Southern," and it came from a craft fair in Gatlinburg. It's so perfect!
The colorful photo is an engagement print on canvas

The photo on top is my mom's family when they were young
The sign is a description of, "The South" (I'm obviously obsessed)
The painting is of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel where we were married

The gold frame is from when my grandparents managed the local theatre - it shows what was playing in March of 1971
The green square is a canvas about marriage my mom gave us when we got engaged
The little blue house is a key hook that hung in my grandparents house as long as I can remember

Did anyone (besides my sister) notice that picture of the toddler up in the left corner? I scored that awesome frame for $4 at a yard sale and haven't replaced the picture yet... Chris thinks it's super creepy so I might just leave it to annoy him! Just kidding! I just haven't ordered a picture for it yet and I couldn't wait any longer to post these pictures!

We've been working on some other things around the house so I'll post more soon!


  1. I love the whole thing! And not just because of that silly/scary baby that Chris dislikes. Love you!

  2. Love it! You did such a great job!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad to finally have it done!

  3. It's been over a decade (who feels old?) since I've seen you, and I just wanted to say: You've grown into such a beautiful woman (inside and out)!

    1. Jessica! Oh my goodness! Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited to follow your blog - I didn't even know there were three now! They are so cute! And if they are anything like their Mama, I bet they are a hoot!

  4. I super LOVE your gallery wall! My husband and I are currently working on ours! I just need a few more pieces!

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth! I'm really happy with how it turned out! Be sure and post it when you finish! I still love looking at others even though ours is finished (for the time being ;)