Thursday, August 15, 2013

Behind or Ahead?

Things were hectic around July 4th so I never got around to posting pictures of our decorations. I'm surprised I didn't get it done because I was so excited for the first real holiday in our new house! I've never been one to decorate much for the fourth because it kind of intimidates me. I think the colors are so beautiful but it seems difficult to put something together that looks decent!

I'm going to look at the glass as half full and say that I'm posting these pictures early for Labor Day decor instead of late for Independence Day decor... just go with me on this one will you?

Our front door is blue so it's sort of patriotic already. I got the flag and wreath holder from Hobby Lobby. I have something different in mind for next year if I can get my act together early enough to get it done. July 4th always sneaks up!

Flags are so beautiful! Maybe it's just the History teacher in me?

For the fireplace I basically stuck together things that I already had. 

I bought the large white frame at Habitat for Humanity a couple of months ago. It started out gold, but I ripped it apart and spray painted it white until I could decide for sure what I wanted to do with it. 

I used some Christmas ribbon and tied the metal wreath to the front of it. I found the wreath on clearance last year for only $2.00! 

The two red frames hold photos of my grandparents and Chris's grandparents. Both of our grandfathers are Veterans so this is our tribute to them. 

I threw in a little milk glass on either side since I'm always looking for ways to incorporate it. I just popped a couple of flags in the compotes and there you have it!

I bought the star garland at Big Lots for a couple of Dollars to string along the front. Easy Peasy!

I laid a blue quilt my Meme gave me across the bottom to add a little more blue to the fireplace. It seemed like it was all red without it. 

The flag tray was a Goodwill find last year and I use it all the time.

My Dad and I found the Coca-Cola crate at a Flea Market for ten dollars and it's one of my favorite things. On top of it is my beloved UGA plate and our 2013 memory mason jar. It really is all of my favorite things in one spot.

Lastly, I stuck my two candle sticks on the right side for some additional height and texture.

{Confession: it's already been taken down and I'm fighting myself tooth and nail not to break out my fall decor yet... please tell me I'm not alone}

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