Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trash to treasure Tuesday: Dixie Hwy 90 mi Yard Sale

This past weekend was the annual Dixie Highway 90 mile Yard Sale. It stretches from Kennesaw up to Ringgold and has several designated stops along the way. Chris had to work this weekend so Mom and Dad came over Friday night and got up early with me on Saturday to start the hunt! Boy did we have a great time! 

We looked around from about 8:00-5:00 and we never even left Bartow County! We started south of our house in Cartersville and drove up through Cassville and towards Adairsville before heading home. We got a lot of great bargains and had a fantastic time hunting! The best finds of the day were definitely early in the morning before it got too busy. We are already looking forward to next year! 

Here are my finds of the day:

Huge Grapevine wreath $4

Chair $10

Mossy rabbit $1

Cream & Sugar dishes $4

Bird pictures $20 for the pair (actually from a little shop down the road)

Large gold frames $10 for the pair
Less than $50 for my loot and I am totally okay with that! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the wreath yet but there are plenty of options! The chair has great bones and is very sturdy. It just needs cleaned up and some new fabric and it will be good as new. I am probably most excited about the big gold frames. I'm not sure what to do with them yet so let me know if you have any ideas! I found a similar one that is a bit bigger a couple of weeks ago at Habitat and I already painted it white - 

I'm working on a gallery wall for above my church pew so maybe they will make an appearance there! 

Here are Mom and Dad's finds of the day - I think Dad was the big winner!

Wagon Wheel, Spade, Air Compressor Hose and fittings

The Wagon Wheel is huge and made of metal. I want Dad to put it in the garden at home with a vine on it! It would look great.

Tree Stand

Large Picture
When Mom and I saw this picture we both immediately loved it because it reminded us of Dad as a kid in Rabun County. It's custom framed and will look great with their furniture. Mom also got a couple of pretty plates and bowls I didn't manage to get a picture of before they left. Overall I'd say it was a successful trip! Chris definitely won't miss it next year after I told him what all he missed! Tons of tools, fishing gear, and outdoor stuff. When's the next one?

{Edit: If you found me via The Frugal Homemaker, welcome! Take a look around and stay awhile! And if you have any good advice for the chair I picked up, let me know! I haven't nailed down a plan just yet!}


  1. Oh my goodness I am so jealous! What a fun day! I wish we had something like that around here. You could do so many cute things with that wreath!
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog. Go check it out!
    xoxo Camille

  2. Hi Cari! I am so glad you linked up your post. Glad to find out you are a fellow GA girl! :)

    And how did I not know about this 90 mile yard sale??? Bartow county is a bit of a drive (I am SE of Atlanta), BUT it would be totally worth it for this!! Definitely putting it on my calendar for next year.

    Featuring your finds on my blog tomorrow.

    1. Thanks, Christina! We just moved here so it was a first time for us! It is definitely worth the trip up! I think people every where around here jump on the bandwagon so there were tons of yard sales even off the beaten path. I learned the early bird gets the worm, that's for sure!

  3. Wow you found some seriously good stuff. Love the chair and rabbit, and my hubby would love the deer stand! I'm about to head out junkin right now, I'm inspired! Take care - Dawn

    1. Thanks, Dawn! Love your blog - now following and can't wait to see your newest finds!

  4. You could make a nice serving tray out of one of the frames. Or a tray to set in your vanity with make-up, perfume, etc. Paint the frame whatever color you want. Use the glass as the bottom. Find some decorative handles like at Lowe's and attach one to each end. That's all. It's finished.