Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Darla

By now y'all know I am animal crazy - I don't even try to hide it anymore. I love both cats and dogs and would rescue a hundred of them if I could! Since we got married I have said I was going to go get a dog or a cat every day. I even hypothetically named our new pet, "Muffin." As you can tell that name didn't stick.

Things were so hectic that it kept getting put off until all of a sudden we had been married a year. When we started looking at houses we decided that as soon as we moved we would look for a cat or a kitten. Our house has a fully fenced in back yard but it needs a little work along the bottom to make it safe for a dog. That will be our next adventure! 

I was open to a cat or a kitten - I just knew I would know it was ours when I saw it. One week before we officially moved into the new house (also my last week at school) I saw these sweet photos on the Habersham Animal Shelter's Facebook Page -

Seriously? Look at that face! It was love at first sight. We still had a little over a week to go and I was not even in Habersham to go get her. I tried to talk my Mom into going to get her but she couldn't do it - she really would have come out with an arm full if she went in! I figured it just wasn't good timing and I'd wait until after we were settled in the new house. 

It just so happened that the Mountain Laurel Parade was that weekend and the shelter was going to have some animals at the parade for adoption. We decided to go see if she was still available by chance. I knew she would have already been adopted but I thought we'd go look anyway. 

I spotted her from across the parking lot and couldn't even wait for the staff to get her out of the cage for me. I scooped her up and headed straight to the adoption table to fill out my paperwork and I got to take her home that day. 

It's crazy how quickly she has become a part of our little family. It's like she has been here all along. I don't know how people live without pets, y'all. They just make life better all the way around. And like I've said before, there's nothing like the love of an adopted pet.

Here's an obnoxious amount of photos of our sweet little Darla cat

Go adopt a shelter pet today! 

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  1. I'm not a cat person but your little Darla really is cute! Her eyes are gorgeous!