Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our House: Before

We are still in the process of moving into the house. We are taking it slow and won't be fully moved in for another few weeks. It's amazing how it already feels like our own! Every time we are there I just look around in disbelief! It's hard to believe it's really ours. It hasn't totally sunk in yet! Maybe once my beloved plate rack is on the wall it will feel like home. (That one was for you, Hal!)

I thought I'd post a few photos of the house "before" we move all of our things in. We aren't doing much in the way of renovation, but there are a few changes we are planning on making. I'll post about them as they happen. I always like to see what people do to their home to make it their own so I thought I'd do the same! These were mostly taken the first time we went to see the house. It's so crazy that was three months ago! Time is flying by and I cannot wait until summer, y'all!

The grass is getting green now and it's so much more cheerful!
Dining Room - I'd love to paint it but everyone else loves this color so I guess it will stay for now
Open living area and loft upstairs - hopefully will be a library/reading area
Kitchen -  We have already painted and it looks so much better with some contrast!
View from living room into breakfast nook
Love these windows - they make the kitchen so bright!
Laundry - haven't got our washer and dryer yet. Can't wait to update the storage in here
Master - love the gray, hate the blinds!
Master bath
Still trying to figure out what to do over the fireplace
Upstairs loft

Upstairs bath

This will be the dedicated guest room - the other guest room will be a work in progress 

This will be the office/craft/school stuff room - basically my catch all room

The back yard needs some work but there are some beautiful flowers already

Looking off the patio - notice Chris scoping it out!
Nothing better

I can't wait to share some new things with y'all! We are loving it so much already!


  1. Hi Mrs. Savage-
    Your house is stunning! So nice to "meet" you
    Mrs. Savage

  2. You have so many possibilities for this house. You have so much room to do things to. Lucky girl. It will be fun making this your and Chris' "crib." Love ya. Enjoy decorating. Dianne James

  3. Love it! So proud for y'all! Susan Wade

  4. It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with it.