Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Pet Store Puppies!

I'll be the first to tell you that I hate those darn ASPCA commercials as much as anyone! We all act like fools to get to the remote and change the channel while screeching over those awfully depressing songs. That's because I love animals and still can't understand why others don't want all animals to have the best chance possible at a healthy, happy, life! It is something I think about all day, every day. The older I get, the more I feel the need be an advocate for all the sweet animals that can't talk for themselves.

Now, do I do everything humanly possible to be an animal advocate? No, not even close. But, I'm always looking for ways I can help and every little bit helps! Here's one thing YOU can do! Never shop from a store that sells puppies (or kittens for that matter)! That's easy enough, right? Stores that have adoptable animals are a Godsend! Adoption is absolutely okay - but be sure you know the difference! The vast majority of puppies for sale in pet stores come from puppy mills and I know no one wants to encourage that, right? Check out what Brownie has to say and think before you shop!

Click HERE to check out where you should and shouldn't buy things for your furry friend!


  1. Strays or rescues make the best friends. I have a friend who is the manager at our local shelter. She said someone dropped off some solid white kittens with blue eyes. They had to euthanize them because they did not have the room for them. People need to be responsible for having their pets neutered. They need to realize that puppies grow up to be bigger dogs. They need love and affection and attention. Dianne James

    1. I totally agree, Dianne! There is nothing like the love you receive from an adopted animal! If only everyone realized what a precious gift animals are. God didn't intend for them to be used and abused for our own selfish needs. When you get a pet, it should be for life!