Monday, March 11, 2013

I love the weekend

Chris had Friday off so we spent the afternoon running some errands and went out to dinner before he had to hit the hay. Mom and Haley (and Jaspy too) came to visit us this weekend but they got to our house late on Friday night. They planned to leave on Saturday but ended up staying the whole weekend. I love when that happens! 

On Saturday we headed to another baby shower for Beth and had so much fun seeing her. Baby Luke will be here so soon and we cannot wait! After the shower we headed back home and had dinner at a delicious Mexican restaurant in town. They have the best quesadillas ever. Seriously y'all, I didn't know I could love quesadillas more than I already do. Uh oh. Moving on.

Jas enjoyed the trip - especially visiting the dog park on Sunday. He decided he needed to sit in the front seat so of course Mom and Haley jumped in the back. He got to play and get out some energy before the long drive back home. 

Here's a few blurry pictures from the weekend!

Wolf Snuggles


Spoiled rotten

Loving the wind in his fur

Chris left this for Mom and Haley when we went to bed Friday night 

And Haley left this for Chris on Sunday

Happy Monday, y'all! I hope it's not pouring wherever you are like it is here! Maybe it's nap time...

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