Thursday, February 28, 2013

February in photos

I haven't blogged much this month and that's because there hasn't been a whole lot going on! Can you believe that tomorrow is March? Seriously, who sped up the clock y'all? Tomorrow will be the end of week two of subbing EIP and I am loving it and learning so much! I am lucky to be working with some fantastic teachers who are always willing to help me. I need to keep a notepad to write down all the hilarious things the kids say - maybe I'll dedicate a post to that soon! Until then, here are a few photos from February. 

The carrot cake Chris baked me for Valentines Day! It was SO yummy!

We watched our wedding videos for the first time on Blu Ray

I finally found an album big enough to hold all my printed wedding photos - obsessed much?

Found these two bird pillows for $8 each - regular $30 each - love them!

This was my first day subbing - cute bags make the day a little bit better!

Another shower for Beth followed by a bon fire celebration for Haley's college roommate, Kate

Meeting Dad to pick up Wolf - he was so happy!

Spending the day with my sweet dad - always a project underway!

More pillows - for the church pew! A steal for $9 each!

Lunch with Mom and Hal followed by a little shopping

My sweet snuggly Bizzy

A fun day with my boy!
Happy March, y'all!

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