Thursday, January 10, 2013

Operation Organization Round 1

One of my resolutions was to work on organizing our humble abode. I have a lot of stuff, and not a lot of room to store it. Our guest bedroom looks like a tornado has been through there. Like, seriously. Is there a floor on there? No one knows. Anyway, that project will take a bit more time than this did one so bare with me. 

I thought I'd share some photos of our laundry area. Like a lot of people, we just have a laundry "closet." It's double doors that open to a small area that houses our washer and dryer with one simple shelf above them. AKA the pit of doom. What's the point of that little shelf, anyhow? It barely holds anything! I've always housed cleaning supplies under the sink but seeing as we are lacking cabinet space already, every inch is important. 

My husband has a little problem that I kind of love. He's crazy about keeping everything in stock around the house. We never run out of anything because he's always ahead of the game - unlike me who will use the very last paper towel before realizing it. Oops. It's like the cokes refill themselves ;) (Thanks, honey!) This is great but it only makes my storage issue even worse. I can barely fit the must haves, much less doubles and triples of everything. I knew I needed to come up with a solution in order to fit everything in the laundry closet. 

Solution: Use a shoe storage hanger to hold cleaning supplies. It fits on the back of the door and almost everything can fit inside the pockets. I have everything I need right where I can see it. It's so much nicer than climbing up under the sink and digging through bottles to find what I need! Now, I just use the shelf for larger items like laundry detergent, bigger boxes, and paper towels, etc. Here's some pictures of all my cleaning supplies.

The bottom row is kind of miscellaneous items

Much better than before!

Ahh, much better! What's next?


  1. Great idea. I did this with some of my craft supplies.

  2. This looks like a pinerest idea!