Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Once was lost (and sometimes found)

I have a serious problem, y'all. I lose everything. I mean can't keep up with anything to save my life. My phone, my keys, my lipgloss, my jewelry, my sunglasses... all of it. Everything. Anything! It has gotten me in serious trouble many a time in my life. In my defense, most of the time the things are eventually found - but not always. I usually know immediately whether or not the item in question is missing for good or simply misplaced. I guess it's woman's intuition. Ha!

My problem has gotten exponentially worse over the past few months. I've explained how I kind of sort of have three homes. I still have things in Athens, a ton of stuff at my parents house, and of course piles of crap here in Dalton. Things are scattered from here to Timbuktu and I can't keep it all straight. On top of that I have a bad habit - thanks, Meme - of carrying everything I own with me. Oftentimes everything I own doesn't actually make it back home with me. Big problem. Huge. 

The most recent incident involves this:

Opening my wedding present
 For my wedding present Chris bought me a zoom lens for my camera. As you can imagine that day was chaos so it's shocking I didn't lose it right then and there. Surprisingly, it made the trek to Punta Cana and didn't get stolen (Ahem, Chris Savage). Now, sometime in the weeks after we got home it went missing - you're in shock, I know. Me too. Not really. 

I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn't lost. I remembered checking my purse to make sure I had all my camera accessories at the airport. The problem was, I couldn't find said purse either... Oops. How do you lose a whole purse? Who does that? This girl, that's who. 

Anyways, the lens has been missing for six whole months. I didn't have it to take to football games, or weddings, or to the beach, or to Gatlinburg... And you better bet Chris Savage hasn't let me forget it! Thankfully, he knows of my problem and trusted I'd find it eventually. And friends, eventually I did! This weekend I tore through my room at my parents house like a tornado until I found said purse which had this inside:

Hallelujah! By the time I found the purse I was running out of options. Thank goodness I found it! Now, time to make up for lost time! I think I need a getaway to break it in, don't y'all? That means you, Chris Savage! ;)

Hopefully someone out there can identify with me. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has dropped their phone in a parking lot only to find it laying there two hours later? Oops, maybe I'm alone on that one. I promise I'll try and do better! Where's my journal so I can add that to my resolutions?.....

PS, I subbed in Elementary PE today and just realized I left my favorite tumbler at school... 

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