Thursday, January 24, 2013

I love you, Athens

I've yet to blog about my trip to Athens last weekend. It's no secret that I wish I was living there but I will just have to settle for frequent trips to stay with my sister! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? That's always been my motto. I was lucky enough to visit two weekends in a row so this upcoming weekend is bound to pale in comparison! 

Two weekends ago I finally got to see my sweet girlfriends from college! I'm still shocked we settled on a date and everyone could come in to town. Thanks to Liezl and Kellie for having us over and for letting me over stay my welcome as usual. Let me say, my girlfriends can cook, y'all! I love that we all bring food instead of going out - we get to spend much more time together catching up and have yummy food at the same time. It is so wonderful to hear about the big changes happening in everyone's lives. I am so blessed by these ladies. Love you girls so much!

Oldie, but goodie! I don't have one with everyone - missing you Liezl!
This past weekend I headed to Athens on Friday to spend the weekend with Haley. Chris was working so I headed out around lunch on Friday to try and beat the traffic. I got into town before Haley got off work so I couldn't resist stopping by Goodwill before I headed to the house. Actually, I stopped at both Goodwill's now that there is one on the Eastside! Just another reason I need to move back! I can't believe we don't have one here in Dalton. 

I didn't score anything ridiculously awesome, but I am so excited about what I did find. I've been searching for something to use as a utensil crock but am really picky about what I want. I found this gorgeous blue ceramic vase and I knew I had to have it! I bought this American flag tray and I can use it in several ways - in a classroom, on the wall, for July 4th decoration, or as a tray on my coffee table (where it is currently sitting). I can't turn down anything with a flag on it, y'all. Just call me Aunt Sam. Lastly, I found a stack of twelve almost new dry erase boards for get this, only five dollars. I couldn't leave without it and I'm glad I didn't. I knew it was a good score when a teacher in line behind me bragged about what a great find it was! Now, I just need a classroom to use them in...

Saturday we headed to Atlanta to a baby shower for one of Haley's friends. Is there anything better than a baby shower? Seriously! There are babies everywhere and I am loving it! I can't wait to buy more sweet baby things for my honorary sister, Beth, in the coming weeks before her baby boy arrives. Saturday night we stopped in at my cousin's house to visit with them. Matt spoiled us with a delicious dinner as usual and I got to hang out with my favorite girl!

Sunday morning was spent lounging around the house until time to head to the UGA Women's basketball game. Dad has been wanting to go for a while so Haley bought us tickets for the game against Texas A & M. The girls have been doing well but unfortunately they didn't pull out a win on Sunday. Of course we love them anyway!

Elaine, this one is for you! That hair is looking crazy

I love my people. Here's to another great weekend! Stay warm, safe, and have a great one, y'all!

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  1. I miss you! And, could Dad be any cuter?? He's presh.