Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Annual Gatlinburg Trip

Hello All! How have y'all been during my hiatus from the blogosphere? I'm sure you've all been enjoying this fantastic weather as much as I have! I don't know exactly where I've been but when I look back since I last wrote it feels like I've been extremely busy! I guess that's life though, huh? Living in the in betweens.

Last weekend we enjoyed our annual trip to Gatlinburg with Chris's family. This is the family's eleventh year going together and my eighth year joining the crew! Chris and I look forward to this trip all year long! It's so insane how time flies. I remember anticipating this trip for the first time like it was yesterday. You know, back when we were fifteen and seventeen and skipped high school to go! It was so weird not having to study or go back to school this year. Well, I went back to school but in a different way I guess! Geez we are getting old! Twenty two and twenty four... that doesn't sound as cute! All these years we've been counting down until we could get married and now we are finally here. Your parents aren't kidding when they say the older you get the faster time flies. I hope it will start slowing down a little bit...

Back to the trip! We stay in a big cabin with everyone usually just outside of town. This year we had a cabin overlooking Gatlinburg with phenomenal views of town and the surrounding mountains. The Smoky Mountains are almost at peak this time of year and I never tire of looking at them! I have taken about a zillion pictures over my lifetime and just keep snapping! We did the usual: a whole lot of shopping and eating! Plus a little bit of hiking, board games, putt-putt, arcade games, and of course enjoying the sights and each other. I'll try to narrow down the several hundred photos I took -

Since we got into town before noon we decided to head out to Cade's Cove 

Plenty of self photography coming up, y'all!

Always have to take a pic of this place ;)

Love him
And him!

Excuse the ghost halo in the photo

Cutest thing ever.

We just couldn't help ourselves!
Sunny Tiff and me
The most beautiful set-up in the fall

Can you tell we are sleepy? Going to breakfast with everyone
Our HUGE bear friend!

Enjoying our last night!

Favorite thing on Earth

View from our cabin
Love listening to music in the rocking chairs
Love love love them!
Lunch at the Apple Barn on the last day

Heading back over the mountain 

We try...

It was so beautiful we decided to take a short hike right before sunset...


More beautiful with every step

Look at these bridges, Lisa! Teensy!

Arch Rock

I swear the colors change every minute!

How do people doubt the existence of our Creator?

He paints the most beautiful pictures!

Hope those brightened up your Monday!

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