Saturday, August 18, 2012

Social Studies Saturday!

Catchy title, eh? I feel it's most appropriate for what we did today! Social Studies are kind of like vegetables - kids claim to hate them on principle, but when you sneak some in on them in an unexpected way they love it! Well, I love vegetables and Social Studies all the time! That's because I'm a hundred years old... but anyway... We had an awesome day exploring Lookout Mountain today. It was one of the most fun things we have done in a long time. It's so nice to be in a different area where the sights and sounds are new and exciting. I'm well aware we have our share of activities in Northeast Georgia, but when you grow up in the middle of it sometimes it loses its appeal. Chris's parents spent Friday night with us and we got up early this morning and headed north. We bought tickets to visit all three attractions - the Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, and Rock City. 

First we rode the Incline Railway up to the top of Lookout Mountain. It was so neat, but pretty scary I must admit. I'm not one for heights! At one point it was at a 73% grade. Terrifying, y'all. 

Heading in to get on the train!

This is looking out the top windows at the steepest point, almost parallel. Lisa would not like.

The View from the Observation deck

My handsome husband and me up top

Such a sucker for these nifty things!

There wasn't much to do at the top of the Railway, but if you walk a few blocks down the road you can visit Point Park (and walk by some giant old houses). It's a beautiful garden area with awesome views, trails, and a little museum. It just so happened that we found Civil War re-enactors - so much fun! I tried to get Chris to sign up but I'm not so sure he liked that idea ;)

Heading in - part of the battle of Chattanooga/Chickamauga

Stunning views (and a super cute boy too!)

Re-enactors in the park, set up camps and the whole shebang!

Shooting demonstration with Civil War gun replicas

Said guns

Photo-op! One of the little side trails

So pretty!

Adios,  Point Park!

Next, we rode the Railway back down to the car and headed to Ruby Falls. They closed early today for a wedding (uh, awesome!) so we wanted to hit it with plenty of time. Let me just tell you, if you plan to go here on a Saturday make sure you allot plenty of time and go a little early. It was packed! But, that's probably because it is so stinkin' hot and humid so people are looking for a little relief. It was nice and cool the whole thousand something feet down!

Heading down, down, down. You see a lot of this!

Finally reaching the falls. Beautiful!

I'm a sucker for some crazy lights!

Crazy lighting from all the photo ops

I'll just be honest with you, the trip was a bit annoying at times. We were in a large group (obviously this nerd sticks right by the tour guide) traveling through teeny tiny caverns the whole way. We kept having to "pull over" to let groups leaving get by. By pull over I mean squeeze ourselves up against wet rock as twenty people shimmy by! If you could make your own time it would be much better, but I understand them not letting people wander the cavern alone! Bad idea. The positive to all that shimmying is that after you visit the falls you get to pass all those people and you make good time getting out of there! Overall, it's a great little tourist attraction. Cool, easy walk, neato waterfall. After Ruby Falls we headed the last attraction - Rock City. I've always wanted to go simply because of those darned old birdhouses! Mom has always had one and Haley and I made so much fun of her for it - for no reason other than to make fun of her I guess! Sorry about that Mama! It was a neat little place with a lot to explore.

Of course we had to watch the "Raptor Show." In case you didn't know, I'm married to the bird whisperer. Big deal, y'all! ;)


Staring deep into my soul... I think owls might be dementors... maybe?

A sweet 26 year old Bald Eagle missing his left wing

The swinging bridge - where I almost dropped my camera twelveteen times

Trouble. Maker.

At the top - so neat!

Thank God. I didn't get myself stuck! 

So pretty!

Over-grown man child anyone? Do you have these at home too? Bless him!

The souvenir! 

Obviously I succumbed to the pressures of Rock City and bought one of those darned old bird houses! Getting old does that kind of thing to you, doesn't it? You get all excited about bird houses and plants and crap! I can't wait to get that sucker up and watch some birds. Don't worry Hal, I'll invite you over for bird watching too!

PS, y'all should totally go to Lookout Mountain if you haven't. And when you do, visit me in Dalton!