Monday, August 13, 2012

Living for the weekends

Life in Dalton is pretty uneventful. Chris works an odd schedule, but with the company change over his schedule has at least become a little bit more regular. Sometimes his days off are during the week and sometimes the weekend. I especially love when he has the weekend off because it feels more normal to be off when the rest of the world is off. I already wrote about our trip to Chickamauga Saturday, so I won't bore you anymore with that! Saturday night we sat outside watching for meteors until after midnight. We saw several small ones and a few pretty spectacular ones! It was the perfect night for a meteor shower - cool, crisp, and clear. I wrapped up in my favorite blanket and Chris fixed us hot chocolate and apple cider. We had so much fun searching for constellations and counting down the days until it's officially fall!

My cute husband on the back patio

Sunday was our first visit to First Baptist Church of Dalton. Like I said, Chris works a lot of weekends and the weekends he is off we usually go home and visit our home church, FBC Cornelia. Our pastor, Eric Spivey, recommended this church to us because he knows the pastor well. We really enjoyed our visit but nothing will ever take the place of our home church! We met a lot of friendly people and enjoyed their phenomenal choir. We will definitely be visiting again, probably this upcoming weekend.

FBC Dalton - looks so similar to FBC Cornelia

The rest of the day was mostly spent hanging out at home. After church we went to the grocery store and ran a few errands. I made another shutterfly book before my free code expired. I am expecting several orange packages in the coming weeks!

Our porch flower - the only thing I've ever kept alive (with Chris's help). Meme would be so proud!

 Now Monday is almost over and I have nothing to show for it! It's been raining outside all afternoon so I haven't been anywhere. I've been working on a few small things at home and doing laundry. Chris will be home in about an hour and it's the perfect night for Chili! Chris is off for seven days starting this Friday so I'm just counting down for another weekend :)

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