Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Social Studies Teacher's Dream

I've written before about how I decided not to try and teach this year, but I will still refer to myself as a SS teacher very often. I feel like it describes me perfect: old lady like, boring, history nerd. Yep, that sums me up in a nutshell! So, in keeping with my old lady like ways Chris and I spent this beautiful Saturday exploring the Chickamauga Battlefield just north of our home in Dalton. In case you haven't cared to notice, Georgia really is a SS teacher's dream. There are so many awesome historical places to visit. I would love to say I had visited the majority of places on my bucket list, but that's not even close to true! There are so many great places in NW Georgia that I am excited about visiting! So far we have visited the Chief Vann House and the Chickamauga Battlefield. Next on my list are New Echota and the home of Cherokee Chief John Ross. Here are some pictures from our explorations today:

Outside the Visitor's Center - A fantastic resource!
These were made in the old Cook & Brothers factory down the street from our house 

There are monuments across the grounds given by all the states involved. 
It is so beautiful! 
Chris in front of the tower - built after the war in the late 1800's

Monuments everywhere
From the top - lookin rough after climbing the stairs!

I encourage you to visit some of these places and learn more about our beautiful state! Now Chris and I are sitting on our back patio enjoying this beautiful fall-like weather and watching for meteors! I'm a science teacher too, ya know. Good night, friends!

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