Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The life of a nomad

Chris and I have traveled a lot of miles in the past few days! Chris works a crazy schedule at his job with Oglethorpe Power that theoretically includes a "seven off" about once a month. I say theoretically because this is the first one in a long time where he has actually had a full seven days off. He is usually busy with meetings, trainings, and overtime shifts during his days off. We crossed our fingers and knocked on wood this time and got our wish (so far!). On Friday we headed to Athens, also known to me and mine as the happiest place on Earth, to get the last of my furniture there and run some errands. Last month we had a close call when we came back and found this: 

This is our back door - which was surprisingly still shut.
Devils helped themselves to our ladder to hop the fence!

Our cute ferocious guard wolf!

Dad and Chris replaced the door with a new, sturdy, and windowless one and we put a lock on the back gate just in case. We haven't had any problems since and hopefully it will stay that way. Our neighbor was hit three different times and several other houses on our street have been hit as well. On Friday Chris helped dad put up a glass door out back to let some light in since we put up that heavy duty door. Jasper and Lolli really enjoy it - Lolli looking out, and Jasper looking in! We spent a couple of days in Athens and hit up my favorite places: the dollar theatre, Barberitos, and Menchies to name a few. Can't resist posting a picture of my two favorite snuggles -



Can I just say really quickly that I loved Snow White and The Huntsman (and not just because my ticket was $2)? I hate to admit that I've never read this original Grimm Brothers' tale but I definitely plan to now. If you haven't seen it I won't ruin it for you but I suggest you watch it. It was definitely a bit gory at parts, but if it wasn't too much for me or Haley, then you're probably good! It had a great story line without the romance Disney falsely adds to the mix. That was the best part - it had a heroine who saved her kingdom without totally relying on men or getting married. You know this Feminist loved that! Stay tuned years down the road to see if I let my girls and/or boys buy into that nonsense ;) 

Anyway, after a couple of days in Athens we headed back to Dalton to meet mom and dad at our house. They brought over the last of the furniture at their house and we had a big project party! Dad and Chris finally got the spot over the oven fixed - it has been driving me nuts! The lady before us ripped out the microwave and left a hot mess so we covered it and it looks so much better. We found that coke sign behind the oven - I'm going to make it a magnet for the fridge.

We headed to Chattanooga for dinner - my husband is obsessed with Mellow Mushroom - and then headed back home and my parents left for Habersham. Chris and I spent the next couple of days finishing up hanging pictures and organizing book cases and it looks so great. We spent one day exploring Chattanooga and shopping for goodies as usual! I'll post some pictures of everything soon but for now, here's our cute new wreath compliments of Pier 1. Hydrangeas of course...

We came back to Habersham today but we took the scenic route since it was such a beautiful day. We grabbed a peach milkshake and were on our way. We went through Elijay, Blue Ridge, Hiawassee, and around Lake Burton before heading home. It made me wish it was fall even more so we could be doing all those fun fall things instead of hiding from this heat!

My favorite!

In Blue Ridge today

I'll dream of pumpkins and a cool breeze when I lay my head down to sleep! Sweet dreams, all!


  1. I have had such a good time with you over these past 5 days! I am so glad to be able to call you my wife! I love you!

  2. I love everything about this post...Athens, the movie, my furry babies, milkshakes! Great writing Mrs. Watts-Savage!