Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A walk down memory lane

I am always super sentimental during the Christmas season. There have been so many changes over the past year and even more to come in the next year that I can barely keep up! Christmas is busy enough plus we celebrate my fiance's birthday and our "anniversary." I can't wait to celebrate a real anniversary! Really, I just like any excuse to celebrate anything. Yesterday marked 7 years that Chris and I have been together - although my mother refuses to admit we were "going together" that young! Today is his 24th birthday. It is so crazy to believe I have been with him since he was 16! Because I'm such a sentimental sap (and picture freak) I thought I'd post a photo from each of the years. Sadly, I don't have the oldest photos since those were pre-digital camera :)

 Wow, we look so different!

 September 2005:
HCHS Homecoming

May 2006:
Chris's HCHS graduation

July 2007
July 4th in Helen

August 2008:
Braves game

October 2009:
Annual Gatlinburg trip

December 2010:
Our engagement weekend!

December 2011
Gatlinburg Christmas parade weekend

And today... Happy Birthday to my sweet fiance! Only 166 days until the big day!

I definitely noticed some trends while choosing photos to post... maybe my New Year's resolution will be not to be so predictable! Looking through all those old photos made my heart happy - I encourage you to spend some time and do the same. My next post will be dedicated to the crafts I've been working on over the break. Only 5 days until Christmas! Wahoo!

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