Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Year One

So I'm a little behind on posting about our First Anniversary. I had intended on posting on our anniversary but I don't think I even picked up the computer on our trip. I was too busy doing nothing. And I'm okay with that!

Since Chris was off on our anniversary, we decided at the last minute to head to Destin for a few days. It would have been nice to be here again...

...but since Chris just bought me a house I guess I'll let it slide! I'm okay with going back for our ten year anniversary though... and I mean the one next year, not nine years from now! You listening honey? :)

Anyway! We've only been to Destin a couple of times and we stayed in bigger places those times so we didn't have anywhere we specifically wanted to stay. We ended up renting a condo off of VRBO and it turned out okay. The condo was really nice but we had some super noisy neighbors. Somehow that always happens to us!

I only took a couple of pictures because I managed to get burned to a crisp on the very first day. Now, y'all probably already know about my sun allergy. And (mom) I swear I don't know what happened! I slathered myself in Neutrogena sunscreen and was barely in the sun! I'll spare you all the horrific photos I sent to Mom and Haley... 

I was so mad at myself and felt so bad for Chris! Luckily he doesn't mind being trapped inside. He works so hard that a couple of days of sleep, movies, and reading sounded like the perfect vacation to him. We went out a couple of times during the day and found some delicious restaurants! 

After two days of cold showers, multiple bottles of lotion, too many milligrams of Benedryl to count, and half a gallon of milk (seriously, it worked wonders on my skin) we were finally able to hit up the beach again. Only under the umbrella of course...

Here are a couple of pictures I snapped with my phone

Lunch on the harbor on our first day

Yes, we are those people with the annoying umbrella

Yes, please

The sunburn is almost gone!

Fudpuckers - highly overrated if you ask me!

I love marble slab! They are so hard to find nowadays!

Thanks, sister!

Drinks at The Crab Shack. YUM.

Our favorite restaurant. The best crab legs!

Lunch at Pompano Joes

We had a great time celebrating our first year of marriage! We are heading to my favorite place in the world next week for round two - any guesses where that might be? :) So stay tuned!


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking up with us today! :)


  2. Woo-- what a fun vacation!! And so true-- Marble Slabs used to be everywhere! What happened to them all?! Happy anniversary!

  3. Did you just apologize for not blogging during your anniversary trip?? Girl please. Haha. You are so lucky to have an anniversary in paradise - it looks gorgeous there.

  4. That Marble Slab ice cream looks so good!

  5. Love Destin! Oh I miss beaches...

    Glad you linked up with us!