Sunday, May 5, 2013

What my Loved One Thinks About Me

One of the blogs I follow, From Mrs. to Mama, hosted a link-up called What My Loved One Thinks About Me, and I thought It would be fun to get Chris to do it! I mentioned it to him this past week and when he got home from work on Friday night he had something in his hand. I can always tell he's up to something by this sneaky smirk he gets on his face! I saw a folded up sheet of paper in his hand and had no idea what it was until he handed it to me. I was so surprised he actually did it! Of course he immediately said, "I haven't typed it up yet!" I am so glad he didn't because I love that it's in his handwriting. I've already placed it safely in our special box! Here you go!
  1. My wife loves animals, sometimes she loves animals more than people!
  2. My wife is a huge History buff. She is so smart when it comes to history! She will make a wonderful Georgia History teacher one day!
  3. She loves beach trips, but the only problem is she is allergic to the sun. 
  4. My wife is the best cook I know! She can whip up a great tasting meal in no time. 
  5. She doesn't believe in buying pets. So go out and rescue one from your local animal shelter today!
  6. We both love long car rides together. But, it better not be too long because she might fall asleep! Haha!
  7. She loves children. I know she will make the world's best mom when the time comes!
  8. With all the crazy things I do and say, my wife is always patient with me. She has no idea how much I appreciate it!
  9. She loves taking pictures and capturing moments in our lives. I can only imagine how she will be when we have children!
  10. She is very strong in her Feminist beliefs and I respect that. It makes her a stronger woman. She doesn't take crap from anyone - including me! Haha!
  11. She loves visiting old graves. At first it kind of creeped me out, but she explained her passion for learning their history and it made me see her side. You can learn so much from an old graveyard!
  12. She loves researching family history. It excites her more than anything! I only wish I had half the drive she does when it comes to research.
  13. She loves talking on the phone to her mom and sister. Sometimes she gets so involved in the conversation that she forgets I am there! I have heard some interesting things!
  14. My wife knows me better than I know myself. It's actually kind of scary! But it shows me she really pays attention to me!
  15. I am extremely lucky to have my wife. She is the most amazing woman in the world! 

He definitely knows what is important to me! It's got me thinking about what I would say about him. Even though the link-up is over, I think I'll do one for him! Stay tuned.


  1. Awe, I love that you only had to mention it to him once and he did it for you. True gentleman!

  2. Hi Cari!

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as your newest follower. :) I married my high school sweetheart too! Loving your blog.

    Hope you'll stop by mine too! :)

    Christina @ The McGuire Family

    1. Hi there, Christina! Sorry I somehow missed your comment! Thanks for stopping by - I'm heading to your blog right now!