Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Blogging. Drinks. Media. Relationships. Organization. 

Yes, I'm doing it. I'm putting my new years resolutions into the blogosphere in hopes that I will actually follow through for once in my life. Now, I'm not going to detail my plans to lose weight, or pray more, or not eat cake. We always set ourselves up for disappointment so I'm not doing that this year. There are things I'm constantly working on and I'm good with that. I'm content in my life without making major changes at this point. There are a few things I would like to work on specifically so here goes nothing, y'all.

Blogging. I've gotten better with blogging more regularly, but not with content. It's something I really enjoy and I use it as an outlet for the stresses of daily life. That being said, there are several things that have been on my mind but I have been a little scared to blog about them. This year I'm going to work on blogging more truthfully. It's about to get real, y'all. 

Drinks. If you know me, you know coke is my crutch. When I'm happy, sad, mad, upset, and especially stressed, I lean on it. After I studied abroad in Italy I have been drinking it constantly. I have gotten better the past couple of months but it's something that I still need to work on.

Now, here's where I'm starting that whole blogging truthfully thing. I need to work on my relationship with social media. It can be a wonderful thing but it can also be a terrible thing. Like so many others say, I sometimes feel like I am putting too much pressure on myself and creating unrealistic expectations. It's easy to get caught up in who did what, has what, and is what. That's not what it's here for, y'all! We all need to do better.

Relationships. I'm blessed with a wonderful family and the best sister anyone could ever ask for. Unfortunately, sometimes this influences my other relationships. I need to work on building up the friendships I have and strengthening new ones. This is especially important since I have moved three hours away from everyone!

Organization. Living in the condo has severely inhibited my organizing skills. I'm a teacher, y'all, it's in my blood! I can't even tell you how much I look forward to the day when Chris and I have a house so I can organize all my stuff (dad) like I want. But, for now, that's no excuse. I'll keep you updated as I tackle one thing at a time. First - Chris got a paper shredder from his parents so I can't wait to get that baby warmed up!

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, but it's the things that have been on my mind lately. For once, I am going to try and use my resolutions to make me feel better about my life, not worse. What about you? What are you resolutions?


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