Thursday, December 27, 2012

This Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Chris had to work until Sunday evening so we drove home to Habersham on Christmas Eve morning. We started the festivities by spending Christmas Eve with Chris's extended family. This is probably my favorite of our holiday get togethers. I'm no stranger to a big family, seeing as I have more first cousins than I can count. However, the difference with Chris's family is that they get together all the time. It's always a blast!

There's so many of us that we do several of our get togethers in the fellowship hall at the church. My favorite part of Christmas Eve (minus the thirty foot food table obviously) is the present game! I guess it's a version of the White Elephant game - where everyone gets a number and you can steal a present from anyone who went before you. Every year there are a couple of hot ticket items that get stolen (and then hidden) several times. This years hot gifts were a BB gun, a knife, a Hunger Games board game, and a pair of binoculars. I've yet to steal anything from anyone, but maybe next year! We ended up with a crock pot and a bird feeder. Yep, that sounds about right!

After the get together we headed back to my parents house where I received one of the best gifts ever from my sweet dad. I've told you all before that I'm a bit of a hoarder. That includes keeping old things and adding other old things to my collection. Basically, if it's old, I want it. I've been looking for the perfect church pew for a couple of years now. I have seen them occasionally but either they were too big, in too bad of shape, or too much money! I mentioned it to my dad and asked him to keep an eye out for one and to let me know if he ever saw one. So, Christmas Eve night he and Chris had to go "unload something" at dad's shop. A few minutes later I hear them stomping through the house and this is what they brought in:

Sorry for the iPhone picture, y'all. Yes, again
To say that I was excited is a gross understatement. I was in shock and totally surprised. And let me be honest with y'all, that doesn't happen very often! Just ask Chris how hard it is to keep a secret from me. I can't believe he knew and didn't spill the beans! That's a first! The pew is absolutely perfect. It's the perfect size and it is in great shape! Of course carpenter Pete took it apart and put it back together to make sure it is nice and sturdy. For now I love the look but when we have a house I may paint it a bright color or stain it darker depending on it's permanent home. Maybe something like this: 

Via My Old Country House
My Old Country House has some great decor ideas so you should check it out. This is similar to my style. I love the photo wall above the pew. For now, I will make room for it in our little condo but I can't wait until we have a home to decorate! I really will be blowing up this blog then! I have big ideas, y'all. 

Anyway, back to Christmas! We woke up before sunrise Christmas morning to head to Chris's house to do Christmas with his family. We always open presents together and have a big breakfast. We gave a copy of our wedding videos to his parents so we watched it with everyone. Since his grandparents weren't able to make the trip it was fun getting to watch the video with them! Chris's parents gave us a freezer so we are excited to have some extra space at our house. Cue the Sam's trip!

After Christmas with Chris's family we headed back to celebrate at my house. This year we had more surprises than we usually do so that was fun! There seem to be less surprises as you get older! Of course there were many wedding related gifts given all around. We gave my parents a matted and framed family portrait to hang at their house and I can't wait to get it up! I'll post a picture as soon as we get around to it. It's amazing how as you get older you get excited over different types of things. Who knew you could be so excited for a freezer, vacuum, steam mop, and silver ware?

Chris had to go into work at six on Christmas night so he had to head back to Dalton. I stayed here and headed to the Dillard House to eat with my family. Yesterday Mom, Haley, and I shopped around town for some after Christmas deals. I bought some clearance decorations, wrapping paper, labels, and storage containers. Now, I just hate having to wait until next year to use it all! I'm about to get ready to head to my best friend's rehearsal dinner! The wedding is tomorrow and I'm so excited! Can't wait to tell you all about it!


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