Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun at VBS!

Okay, so ignore the previous post! I had the bright idea to restart my computer and everything was magically resolved. I still haven't learned exactly how to work my mac, so I'm sure it was actually an operator issue! 

I'm going to be honest - I almost went running for the hills after the first day of VBS! I was originally just a fill-in teacher because the original teacher had a very sick baby. He ended up getting worse so she just handed over all the materials for the class and they officially became my little fishies for the week!  As you probably already know, I am a certified middle school teacher who has spent the past school year with some very adult eighth graders! I didn't realize teaching this age would be so different from what I have experienced in middle school. The first day Haley and I were responsible for NINE 3-4 year olds! Nine. Needless to say, Monday was a little hectic! We got our groove by Tuesday and have been having so much fun ever since! We do bible stories and crafts in "the great barrier reef." These sweet hearts have been such a blessing to me this week and I am so thankful for my time with them. Here are a few pictures of my sweet kiddos from the past few days!

Sweet Hailey painting a river rock to remember when Jesus calmed the river


They looooove painting!

Sweet sharing friends!

Have you ever seen anything so cute? "Safari day"

Practicing their trumpets at "Jericho"

Trumpets make great telescopes!

Sweet Claire writing the daily bible verse!

Such great writing!

Love this beautiful girl

Worship time in the gym with the big kids!

Love love love this baby girl!

Working hard

Oh, you know, just taking a flying break! NBD

Sweet and serious Shep! Don't miss the cutie in the background gazing at his bff

Be still my heart!

Painting coffee filters to make sun catchers!


Working hard!

Every great craft is a little messy ;)

We have had so much fun together this week! They sure have kept me laughing, that's for sure. Kids really do say the funniest things! Tomorrow is our last day and I will miss these babies. Maybe I can get a group photo of everyone tomorrow.... hmm that'll be interesting!

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  1. Cari, you are so beautiful in so many ways. I am so happy to see you so happy with everything in your life. <3