Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A long time coming...

Trendy is not a word I would ever use to describe myself... but I think I might be a bit more trendy now that I have reluctantly joined the blogging world. I have long envied those who blog, but could never bring myself to create my own public diary. Like I've read in many blogs before, "I don't have anything interesting to say." - except those people always have something interesting to say. My life is boring but maybe someone out there will find humor in my embarrassing, clumsy, and ridiculous life.

On a side note... exactly ten months from this very moment I will be placing the last bobby pins, "painting" my lips (as my grandmother used to call it), and more than likely already blotting at the tears welling up in my eyes before I prepare to walk down the aisle here:

to him:

and I absolutely cannot wait. If my mother has told me once, she has told me a thousand times, "Don't wish your life away." I have a strong tendency to do just that. Then again, last month marked six and a half years together. Can you blame me for being ready to run down the aisle? Everyone told me that time would fly by and it is!

Two days ago I had an appointment at Bridals by Lori to try on dresses. I vehemently opposed this idea when my mother and sister brought it up - I didn't think I was ready for this huge decision. The guy, the venue, the music, I can handle. Not the dress - I thought that would be the biggest decision I'd ever make. I tried on about 8 dresses but knew exactly which dress I'd be wearing on my wedding day. It ended up being the easiest decision to date. The worst part about it is I don't get to hold it in my hands for about SIX months! It's going to eat me alive! Maybe when we go back for alterations we'll make it on the show ;)

Tune in next time for more wedding craziness!


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